Tandem Set and Scenery was founded in 2010 by Glen Hughes and Leah Morgan. 

Glen's background in design, carpentry and touring theatre productions and Leah’s in graphics, painting and prop making made a perfect mix for a creative scenery building company. 

They began work from their studio in Stoke Newington. Soon running out of space, Tandem moved a bit further north into a new  5,000 sq ft workshop in leafy Waltham Abbey until Spring 2018. When an opportunity came to double the size of their workshop space and move out of London to Paddock Wood in Kent.

Glen and Leah have been joined by many talented people. They currently have a core team of carpenters, metal workers, scenic painters, prop and model makers, CNC operators, labourers and office workers that all enjoy working together on new exciting projects. 

Tandem is the leading Escape Room Set builder in the UK. With 6 years experience, they are at the forefront of this exciting game revolution and have the installations to prove it. Tandem work with the game designers, adding their practical knowledge and creative flair to every project. Tandem has the capacity to build each game in their workshop, creating a lifesize Room Prototype that can be tested and reviewed over time.

As well as providing a fabrication service Tandem design too. From production and concept through to the build and finish, Tandem can do it all in house.

"So please don't hesitate to get in touch, we enjoy what we do and take pleasure in meeting to discuss new ideas and projects"